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Fan Tours

Although we do not have a travel agency associated with Conolulu, there are several fan groups who wish to organize trips pre-con and post-con. If you are interested in joining these tours, please email the organizers directly. If you want to organize another tour, please email the Webmistress to put your information on this list.

Tour to Mauna Kea Observatory

Laurraine Tutihasi

There are two types of tours offered. One is a daytime summit tour. The other is a star gazing tour, but not through their big scopes. I have sent in an application for a combined group tour on Thursday, 6 July; as advance reservations are required for groups. A cost is involved, but I do not have any figures for that, at this time. I have also reserved enough 4WD vehicles to accommodate 69. The transportation costs for each person will be approximately $25. I can also order box suppers for the participants. Interested people should contact me as soon as possible. Their website is: Mauna Kea Telescope.

Laurraine Tutihasi

29217 Stonecrest Road
Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90275-4936

Scuba/Snorkel Tour to Kona

Spring M. Schoenhuth

The Conolulu Scuba/Snorkle Manta Ray Adventure begins after the Convention ends! The dates for this special package are July 5th-9th and are for four nights at the Royal Kona Resort. Package includes rental car, breakfast buffet, the special night Manta dive on Friday, and on Saturday a two location dive/snorkle. The cost for this package is $430 per person based on double occupancy of rooms. The cost for the package for snorklers will be a slightly reduced fee. This package is limited to 20 people.

Airfare is not included, so you will be responsible for that.

Reservations for the "Conolulu" package can be made by contacting Mark Bader at Eco-Adventures by May 30th. For the scuba package, he will need your sea card number, height, weight, gear needs and your deposit. For snorklers, he will still need your deposit by the required time.

Please contact Mark for this special "Conolulu" package either via
e-mail: mark@eco-adventure.com
or by phone at 1-800-949-3483

Their website is: www.eco-adventure.com and their hotel package page is http://ecoadventures.lodging.com/ and www.eco-adventure.com/package.asp.

Aloha, and see you in Kona!

If you want more information about Conolulu, please write us at:

3169 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI, 96815

or email us at info@sfsfc.org

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