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20,000 Leis Under the Sea


There will be a wide range of program items organized by Ben Yalow along with a staff usually found running programming for Worldcons. But this will not be a sixteen track extravaganza. In keeping with our laid back island nature, programming will allow you plenty of time to visit with friends and do a bit of sightseeing. Besides authors, artists and fans speaking, we will have local scientists talking about their specialties..

Conolulu's Program Particpant List

Charles Brown
Grania Davis
Tom Doherty
Gardner Dozois
Fred Duarte
Richard Dutcher
Laurie Edison
Steve Forty
Janice Gelb
Eve Gordon
Hugh S. Gregory
Harold Gross
David Hartwell
Howard Hendrix
Dave Howell
Saul Jaffe
Tappan King
Jak Koke
Bridget Landry
John Lorentz
George R. R. Martin
Melisa Michaels
Richard Michaels
Larry Niven
G David Nordley
John O'Halloran
Jerry Oltion
Kathy Oltion
Fred Patten
Bruce Pelz
Marie Rengstorff
D. F. Sanders
Dan Simmons
Ben Yalow
Julie Zetterberg

Conolulu's Program Schedule

If you want more information about Conolulu, please write us at:

3169 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI, 96815

or email us at info@sfsfc.org

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