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Business Meeting

The Westercon Business Meeting and Site Selection Staff is being organized by Robert Verde of Portland, Oregon, chair of the 54th Westercon.

Conolulu will be the site of voting for the 55th Westercon to be held in 2002 in the southern rotation zone.

There are two announced candidates for the 2002 Westercon.

Both bids plan to hold their convention from July 4 -7, 2002.

If you mail in your site selection ballot*, you can check with John Lorentz to see if your ballot has been received. We plan to check the mail as late as June 29th (we fly to Hawaii the next morning).

Please remember to mail your ballot to the Portland PO box listed on the ballot!

Westercon 55 Site Selection, PO Box 5703, Portland, OR 97210-5703

* You'll need Acrobat Version 4 to view it. Get Acrobat Reader

If you want more information about Conolulu, please write us at:

3169 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI, 96815

or email us at info@sfsfc.org

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