Hawaiian Graphic Conolulu
20,000 Leis Under the Sea


The 53rd Westercon

July 1-4, 2000

Honolulu, Hawaii

Catch some rays, catch a beach ball, catch a rainbow, catch the Aloha Spirit, cruise the ocean, cruise the beaches, cruise the bars, listen to the surf, listen to slack key, listen to the SMOFS, body surf, surf long board, surf boogie board, surf the net, speak Japanese, speak Hawaiian, speak softly and wear a loud shirt, paddle an outrigger, paddle a kayak, peddle a bike, peddle your pick up lines, peddle your artwork, find tranquility, find inner peace, find a good party, swim, snorkel, SCUBA dive, feed the fish, feed on pu pus, dine on Spam, eat gourmet, eat samin at MacDonalds, watch a tropical sunset, watch the ocean, watch the beach boys, watch bikinis, watch yourself!, jog in the surf, stand under a waterfall, sit in a beach chair, lie on a beach towel, read petroglyphs, read a fanzine, read a good book, hike Diamond Head, hike a rainforest, ride a submarine, ride the waves, ride a helicopter, ride a moped, ride a horse, ride The Bus, hear your favorite author, hear Frank DeLima, visit a Neighbor Island, visit a pineapple plantation, visit Pearl Harbor, visit a Royal Palace, visit a state capitol, hunt for seashells, hunt feral pigs, hunt for ghosts, hunt for souvenirs, hunt for tacky souvenirs, hunt for really tacky souvenirs, star gaze, sky dive, parasail, jet ski, jet set, go native, go fishing, play Wizards, touch a Wizard Stone, wear a lei, wear a mu mu, wear a bow tie, wear a smile, learn Polynesian culture, learn the Hula, learn the ukulele, learn to write like a pro, learn to drink like a pro, join the sunrise AA group at Waikiki Beach, climb a volcano, climb a coconut tree, sing karaoke, sing filk songs, sing "Aloha Oe", have fun in the sun, sail at sunset, party at night, hang loose, have a good time, be there, do that, and take home the tee shirt.

If you want more information about Conolulu, please write us at:

3169 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI, 96815

or email us at info@sfsfc.org

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